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Family Law

We provide compassionate, insightful counsel for all family law cases including primarily divorce (marital dissolution), child custody, and post-decree matters.  We will meet aggression with aggression, but will try to help you get through the process with a minimum of emotional damage.  In appropriate cases, we can also help with  a pre-nuptial (also called ante-nuptial) agreements.

Divorce and Child Custody

When a family faces the difficulty of being re-defined, compassionate and careful legal counsel can help you reach a fair settlement and secure the future for you and your children. The anxiety and heartache of a divorce might make it difficult for you to defend your own interests. At Lanners & Olson, P.A. we understand how you feel. We will work to protect your financial security, negotiating a clear and fair agreement on your behalf. We undertake the complex task of apportioning assets, and generate creative, goal-oriented solutions. Should it become necessary, our attorneys have successfully handled many cases successfully through the trial stage, and we have also successfully taken cases before the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

At Lanners & Olson, P.A. we handle child custody cases with sensitivity and expertise. We understand how critical a stable, practical custody arrangement is for your children, helping them to weather the difficulty of a marital break-up, and continue to thrive until adulthood. Working closely with you, drawing upon our experience and negotiating skills, we will craft an agreement that gives you a supportive framework for your family’s future. Once again, if agreement is not possible, for whatever reason, we will not hesitate to present your case to a judge.  Lanners & Olson, P.A. attorneys have significant trial experience in all types of marital dissolution cases.

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Pre-nuptial Agreements

In certain cases, couples considering marriage may choose to protect the financial security of both parties with a pre-nuptial (ante-nuptial) agreement.  For those couples, getting the pre-nuptial agreement done early addresses fears and concerns, making the wedding a happier occasion. At Lanners & Olson, P.A. we will help you forge pre-nuptial agreements that give you security and peace of mind. We can work closely with you to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a pre-nuptial agreement, creating an agreement that honors your relationship and values.  Most importantly, your agreement will comply with the statutory and case law requirements for those agreements in Minnesota, some of which can affect the enforceability of the agreement if not strictly observed.


Bankruptcy is a a legal proceeding in which a person who cannot pay his or her bills can get a “fresh start” financially.  The right to file for Bankruptcy is provided by Federal Law, and all Bankruptcy cases are handled in Federal Court.  Filing Bankruptcy immediately stops contact from all creditors.  By law creditors may not take any action which seeks to collect a debt from you.

Most people filing Bankruptcy will want to file under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy code.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is known as “full” bankruptcy.  In most cases it eliminates all unsecured debts, with a few exceptions as provided in the Bankruptcy Code.  Many debtors can eliminate all of their debts while retaining all of their property.  Chapter 13 is a type of “re-organization” used by individual consumer debtors to pay some or all of their debts, over a period of years, using their current income.  The monthly payment in a Chapter 13 reorganization plan is based on what the debtor can afford.

At Lanners & Olson, P.A. we will make an initial assessment of your financial situation at no cost to you.  If some type of Bankruptcy is a good option for you, we will tell you that.  If not, you are under no obligation, but you will have a netter understanding of your financial situation and your available options.

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Real Estate

Real estate transactions can involve complex legal issues, and often large sums of money. The attorneys at Lanners & Olson, P.A. will carefully review all the documents involved in your transaction, whether you are a buyer or a seller, and whether the transaction involves your residential real estate, investment real estate or commercial property.  We will insure that you have all the appropriate property information, including complete title information, and help give you confidence that your investment is fully protected.  Based on your preference, we can attend the closing, or make sure that all of your questions are answered in advance.  We also have the knowledge and experience to help you or your small business with commercial transactions and commercial leasing issues.

Personal Injury

When you have been hurt in an accident through no fault of your own, on the road, on the job, or on another person’s property.

Wills & Probate


The attorneys at Lanners & Olson, P.A. will work closely with you to formulate a  plan for the disposition of your estate. We understand how important your legacy is, and we can help you by drafting will that reflects your values and protects your children or other heirs. Whether you simply want to provide for the handing down of your personal possessions, or need a revocable trust or insurance funded trust arrangement, Lanners & Olson, P.A. can help with your estate planning needs.  We also provide our clients with durable Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives.  We will craft precise, legally enforceable documents that ensure your wishes will be followed.


Probate can be an intimidating and highly technical process. Lanners & Olson, P.A. attorneys have the experience to guide your estate, or that of a loved one, through probate court process, even if the decedent did not leave a Will.  We will help make sure that the person(s) responsible for carrying out the decedent’s wishes precisely follow the terms of the Will, if applicable, or the laws of heirship.  Lanners & Olson, P.A. will eliminate unnecessary delays, and bring a difficult process to a fast, efficient closure.

Criminal Defense

At Lanners and Olson, P.A. we have successfully defended literally hundreds of Criminal matters, from Misdemeanors to property-related Felonies.  Lanners & Olson. P.A. attorney have significant trial experience when required, but also the experience to know when your case should be settled, and when the prosecution has offered the best plea agreement you are likely to receive.

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At Lanners & Olson, P.A., we respect the determination and dedication it takes to build a successful business. We work closely with owners of growing businesses to determine the best type of legal entity for their enterprises. Whether you choose to operate as a sole proprietor, a corporation, or as some other form of limited-liability entity, the legal status of your business will impact tax advantages, administrative requirements, asset protection, and much more. Thoroughly reviewing your options, we can help you choose and implement the best legal option for your growing financial venture. Once you are in operation, we can assist with contracts, leasing, and litigation issues that may arise.

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