Minneapolis Divorce Lawyer

We provide compassionate counsel for all family law cases including primarily divorce (marital dissolution), child custody, and post-decree matters. We also do pre-nuptial agreements.

Divorce and Child Custody

When a family faces the difficulty of being re-defined, compassionate and careful legal counsel can help you reach a fair settlement and secure the future for you and your children. The anxiety and heartache of a divorce might make it difficult for you to defend your own interests. At Lanners & Olson, P.A. we understand how you feel. We will work to protect your financial security, negotiating a clear and fair agreement on your behalf. We undertake the complex task of apportioning assets, and generate creative, goal-oriented solutions. Should it become necessary, our attorneys have successfully handled many cases successfully through the trial stage, and have also taken cases before the Court of Appeals.

At Lanners & Olson, we handle child custody cases with sensitivity and expertise. We understand how critical a stable custody arrangement is for your children to continue to thrive until adulthood. Working closely with you, drawing upon our experience and negotiating skills, we craft agreements that give you a supportive framework for your family’s future. Once again, if agreement is not possible, we will not hesitate to present your case to a judge.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

Many couples choose to protect their financial security with a pre-nuptial agreement. For these couples, the pre-nuptial agreement addresses fears and concerns, making the wedding a happier occasion. At Lanners & Olson, P.A. we help you forge pre-nuptial agreements that give you security and peace of mind. We can work closely with you to discuss the advantages of a pre-nuptial agreement, creating an agreement that honors your relationship and values..

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