My wife left me with a pile of debts that I didn’t even know she had incurred, including taxes owed to the IRS. I was disabled and living on a fixed income. I did not know where to turn. The only asset we had was our family home where I could no longer afford to live. Mr. Lanners helped me understand my credit report and took all the steps needed to identify the debts that were out there. Then he negotiated a Decree that made my wife responsible for those debts.

After the Decree, when she didn’t pay, Mr. Lanners helped me enforce the Decree by forcing my ex-wife to sell of re-finance the house and pay off all the debts she had agreed to pay as part of our divorce. Because of his efforts, I am debt free and can make a new start. He even got the court to order that my ex-wife pay for most of his attorney fees. I don’t know what I would have done without Mr. Lanners. I would strongly recommend him to anyone in need of a strong advocate.

–Greg N.