I was caught in a hopeless situation. My husband had thrown me out and forced me to sign papers I did not understand. I later learned that those papers were an agreement to a divorce. I had no property awarded to me and no specific rights to even see our three children. The children continued to live in our home with my husband and his relatives, and I was not allowed to take them anywhere. That was when I came to see Mr. Lanners.

Mr. Lanners fought hard for me. Over my ex-husband’s objections, he got a judge to look at my situation, and to re-open our divorce Decree. My ex-husband fought every step of the way, even through a multi-day trial in my case. After trial there was an appeal to the Court of Appeals. In the end, I received a fair division of the property we owned during the marriage, and was able to have the children live with me at least one-half of the time. I received nearly $150,000.00 in assets that were previously granted to my husband in the first Decree.

My life was impacted in a very positive and lasting way because of Mr. Lanners’ efforts and the fact the he really cared. I will always be grateful. As far as I’m concerned there is no better choice for counsel in a family law case. I recommend that you hire Mr. Lanners. You will not be disappointed.

–Chay P.