My son means the world to me. After separating from his Mom, to whom I was never married, I became very concerned about her ability to raise him in a way that was healthy and put his best interests first. My son’s Mom fell in with the wrong crowd and was more into the party lifestyle than being a parent. One day she left my two year old son with me and took a job out of state.

I consulted with Alan Lanners, who informed me that it was up to me to take action and gain the legal right to custody of my son. My ex retained an attorney and fought hard to keep me from having my son continue to live with me, but with persistence and Mr. Lanners’ help I eventually gained full legal and physical custody of him. These matters are not inexpensive, but Mr. Lanners worked hard to protect my interests and also to keep my fees reasonable. I will be forever grateful to him for putting me in a position to raise my son and to give him the best chance in life.

–Jake P.
Coon Rapids