After my divorce, my ex-husband and I found ourselves in constant conflict about
the parenting of our two children. Although I attempted to make decisions in our
children’s best interests and resolve issues outside of Court, he demanded that
things be done his way. Finally, it seemed there was no option but to try to settle
our disputes in Court, and that’s when David Olson became involved in my case.

Amidst the tension, accusations, and dishonesty I was experiencing from my ex-husband,
it was a great relief to have Mr. Olson on my side. His voice of reason
was just what I needed in this emotional case, and no matter what issues my ex-husband
raised, Mr. Olson would have a plan for an effective response. As a result
of Mr. Olson’s work, my ex-husband’s attempts to impose his will via the courts
were unsuccessful. His motions were denied, to the benefit of our children.

Unfortunately, my situation with my ex-husband is still difficult, and conflicts still
arise from time to time. However, I know I can give Mr. Olson a call or send him
an email anytime something comes up, and he will provide clear direction. From
major issues, like preparing court documents and appearing at hearings, to day-today
issues, such as how to respond to a hostile email or negotiate a minor
disagreement, David Olson has handled it all. He has been and continues to be a
great asset to my case.

Anyone else dealing with a similar situation could benefit from working with
David Olson. He can provide the direction and representation you need to make
sure that your voice is fairly heard.

Athena D.
2010, 2012, and ongoing 2014-2017