October 14, 2015

Good Morning, Mr. Olson,

You represented me in an expungement case some years back. I wanted to
send an email thanking you one again for the service you had given me as I
prepare to begin the MN Board of Pardons process.

I have relocated to the Twin Cities and I am now a Senior Program Manager. We
hold a contract with a Federal Bureau. My career has definitely been able to
grow and become something pretty great. The Bureau was a tough roadblock to
get through as far as being allowed to work for an organization with a federal
contract, and to actually be running the facility is quite amazing! With the one
major obstacle I had in my past, clearance actually took 3 months and approval
had to come from Washington DC.

So with that all said, thank you for the time and efforts you put into my case
when you represented me. I do not think I could have made it to the level of
where my career is at without the work you had put into my case!

Mary D. Former Expungement Client of David Olson,